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Re: Stupidity (The Emk Bush Award)

I’m not so sure that giving the George Bush Public Service Award to Ted Kennedy is quite the piece of stupidity that other Cornerites think. Consider the possibilities:

1. It shows that old man Bush has a sense of humor after all. True, it is an embarrassment for Bush to give such an award, but isn’t it equally an embarassment for Kennedy to accept it? Think of all the trouble Kennedy got in with other liberals back in 2001 for going to the dance with Bush on the education bill.

2. It confirms, as if we needed more evidence, of how fundamentally clueless old man Bush was/is. A co-winner of the award is none other than Mikhail Gorbachev.

3. I notice that yet another co-recipient of the award is Helmut Kohl, suggesting that there could be weight classes for the Bush award (Kohl, heavyweight; Kennedy, medium heavyweight; Gorbachev, middleweight, etc.) This suggests there is hope for the eventual recognition of Jerry Nadler. He might croak of a heart attack if he was given the Bush Public Service Award.

4. So, in the spirit of the Bush presidential library, I think Cornerites should forward nominations in the various weight classes. I’m going to suggest that each statuette be accompanied by a lifetime supply of pork rinds, old man Bush’s favorite junk food.

Steven F. Hayward — Stephen F. Hayward is a senior resident scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and the author of a two-volume political history, The Age of Reagan.

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