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RE: As For the Substance…

Jonah — my sentiments exactly. What was telling for me were the attacks on McCain:

They will come here to nominate John McCain, a man who has served this country heroically. I honor that service, and I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine.

Kind of a cheap attack, no? I mean he accuses McCain of denying his accomplishments, with out in any way spelling out how McCain — who’s run an exceptionally above the belt campaign against Obama thus far — is being unfair.

On another level, it’s a neat bit of rhetorical prestidigitation. Obama’s been a senator for, what, two-and-a-half years? It makes it seem like Obama has significant accomplishments for McCain to deny. Then there was this bit:

Because while John McCain can legitimately tout moments of independence from his party in the past, such independence has not been the hallmark of his presidential campaign.

First off, I don’t think the G.O.P. has been terribly happy (and perhaps rightly so) with say McCain running around talking about global warming and cap-and-trade at every opportunity, just to name one example where he’s breaking with the party. In what way are Obama’s policies going against the Democratic grain? As opposed to Hillary, he’d force everyone into a government healthcare plan at knife point, instead of gun point? Give me a break.


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