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Re: by The Sword Divided

(Boffo British TV drama series about the English Civil War): Anybody know a

way to put pressure on the BBC or PBS to get this out on DVD? Lots of

readers remember it being really good. Sample:

“John—I remember this series well. It was quite sympathetic to the

Royalists and (it seems to me) presented the Roundheads as hypocritical

proto nanny statists. There was a scene where one of the Roundheads rode

into a little town on horseback, proclaiming ‘I have come to set you free.’

Someone shouted back at him: ‘We *are* free. We just want to be left

alone.’ My philosophy in a nutshell.—Regards…”

And yes, I am now aware that I was until yesterday the only inhabitant of

Western Civilization who did not know that Jeremy Clyde (the actor who so

superbly played Charls I in BTSD) was one half of the 1960s singing duo Chad

and Jeremy, sort of Peter and Gordon knockoffs.

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