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RE: Talk About Out of Touch

Yes, I see that after last night’s debate a large percentage of Democrats have decided that TV networks passing off former partisan operatives as objective journalists is a bad thing. But wake me when they’re complaining about Tim Russert and Chris Matthews as well. Last I checked there’s about an 1000:1 ratio of Democratic to Republican partisans who transition into non-opinion related journalism. This imbalance has benefited Democrats tremendously thus far, and is there devotion to Obama so absolute would they upset the applecart for one lousy debate? And don’t tell me it’s because they are suddenly concerned with objectivity and fairness in journalism.

UPDATE: One of my more thoughtful liberal compatriots (he lives in Ashland, OR if that tells you anything) writes in to note that lefty bloggers have been loudly complaining about Matthews and Russert for some time. It’s a fair point, and one worth noting. But I guess I’d respond by saying that just because those on the left have complained about some perceived instances of either of them not treating Democrats fairly, doesn’t mean they honestly carry water for Republicans in anyway shape or form. I can also site a million examples to the contrary — remember how Matthews just recently commented about how Obama sent a “thrill up his leg”? And given that they’re both former Democratic partisans, I’d say majority of evidence is on my side. Wherever they’re coming from, it ain’t from a place that is anti-Democratic. There also wasn’t exactly a chorus of voices on the left complaining about journalistic objectivity when Russert, Matthews and Steph were hired.

And again that’s just a few high profile examples. Once you factor in the political history of all the journalists in the trenches, as opposed to the few highly paid guys before the camera that everybody is focusing their ire on right now, the number of former Democratic partisans and lefty activists in the MSM dwarfs the number of those that slant right. I honestly think there are number of reasons for why that is that aren’t related to out and out discriminatory hiring practices, but the fact is that those on the left dominate the field and journalistic institutions seem largely uninterested in ideological diversity, even though their coverage would be better for it. 


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