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Re: Talking to Iran

Here we go again Andrew. What do I fear if a President McCain meets with whomever in Iran? Why don’t you ask McCain, since he rejects the proposition, at least for now, because he is sophisticated enough to know that much has to occur before a president meets with a terrorist fanatic. McCain, who you raise, completely rejects Obama’s suggestion (since modified numerous times) that a president meet with the “leaders” of not only Iran, but Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela, without preconditions. What conditions would have to be met before McCain would meet with these “leaders?” He doesn’t say. And my guess is the conditions would not be meet by any of these “leaders,” including by Iran. Henry Kissinger didn’t encourage President Nixon to meet with every “leader,” including Castro, and Nixon did not. It seems to me since you are the one posting comments in favor of such meetings, Andrew, you should set out the conditions that you would require Iran to meet before a President McCain would meet with them. And perhaps you, or Kissinger, can explain what benefit you expect from such a meeting, given Iran’s nefarious behavior with those who do talk to it — including the U.N.

You suggested in an earlier post that a president meeting with Iran might lead to that government’s undoing. By all means, please explain.

UPDATE: Andrew also wonders aloud whether Reagan would visit Iran under current circumstances. Well, he didn’t meet with Iran any time during his eight years, that might be a pretty good indication. Nor did he meet with Cuba or North Korea. Why is that Andrew? Even Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton refused to meet with any of them, as I’ve said a few times before. Arguing against straw men is a pointless task. If, could, should, maybe …


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