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Re ‘Teachers Who Break Your Heart’

About my post on the Wisconsin teachers, scribbled in high dudgeon this morning, I have received a good deal of mail. I will publish some of it in due course. I’d like to add just a couple of thoughts now.

One thing about all these teachers — 40 percent of the union — calling in “sick”? They’re lying. And it’s not nice to lie, yes? These are the adults, of course, who are expected to set examples for “the children”: those vaunted children in whose name the unionists pretend to be doing everything they do.

What’s little Susie supposed to say? “Good to have you back, Miss Brown. We heard you were sick. Are you feeling better? Did you go to the doctor?” What does Miss Brown say, in response? “I was just lying, honey: I called in sick to protest our evil Republican governor.”

Furthermore, the taxpayer, in his generosity, provides sick leave. It is not supposed to be used for making political protests and shafting your students.

Then there is the sheer lack of civic spirit being demonstrated by these teachers. Americans are seriously hurting now, economically. There are people who have been out of work for years. There are people who have taken pay cuts. Lots of people have had to suck it up.

Are members of public-employee unions willing to give a little? Willing to cut the taxpayer some slack? Not on your life. They expect the taxpayer to keep forking it over, in great wheelbarrows — wheelbarrows overflowing with cash. Well, it ain’t there: The wheelbarrows are getting low.

(I’m talking and ranting like a guy who’s seen one too many Chris Christie videos. Although, for my money, you can never get too many Chris Christie videos. For us righties, they are the porn of our time.)

In a previous era, long ago, teachers were rather like missionaries. You practically had to take a vow of poverty to be a teacher. Often, a teacher ate at students’ homes. And a teacher would do things like painting houses in the summer, to tide him over until the school year started.

And yet teachers were esteemed in the community, as people who were doing great things for us all.

I would never go back to the days of missionary-teachers. They ought to be generously compensated. (Shouldn’t we all.) But good grief: These grasping, lying, bullying unionists are enough to give the teaching profession a bad name. And they have done it now for years.

The teachers of Madison, Wis., are calling in “sick” on the parents and children of the community. I wish, somehow, the people could call in sick on them. I will repeat what I said this morning: I wish the public could fire them — and replace them with men and women who were willing to teach, and who would use their sick leave for sickness.


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