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re: Team Sarah

A woman e-mails:

“I can only understand one in three sentences,” is the new “Don’t ask me! I’m just a girl!”

Most of my fellow females understand the crisis quite well, but I guess intelligence comes with being an “elitist” instead of an anti-intellectual like Palin.

I don’t think that dialogue is anti-woman or anti-intellectual. I think it’s acknowledging that many hardworking Americans — many who believe Sarah Palin speaks for them — don’t have time to get to the bottom of the mortgage mess and are outraged people who are sent to Washington to have the time let — especially these quasi-government agences like Freddie and Fannie — get so irresponsibly out of control.

And, I do happen to know so very intelligent men and women who simply do not have the time to keep track of how many times we’ve saved AIG or wherever in the last month.

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