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Re: ‘There Were People Other than Just Jews Who Were in that Deli’

My God, the asininity of this White House’s ideologically blinkered refusal to talk honestly about Islamic terrorism is infuriating. It’s one thing to refuse to admit that Islamic terrorists are Islamic. As wrongheaded and dishonest as that is, it’s a whole other thing to refuse to admit that Jews were slaughtered for being Jewish. No serious person believes the Jewish victims at the kosher market in Paris just happened to be Jewish. But that’s the upshot of Josh Earnest’s position. It’s the great Kosher Coincidence of 2015! Yes, there were other people than “just Jews” in that “deli” but only Jews were murdered in that “deli” (quotation marks are necessary because it wasn’t a deli, it was a grocery store). Why? Because — wait for it — Amedy Coulibaly set out to murder Jews (it’s why he and his girlfriend cased a Jewish school last August). He even called a radio station from the market to make it clear that he was targeting Jews. 

If it wasn’t so pernicious it would be hilariously pathetic. 

In his next press briefing Josh Earnest will explain that the Madman in The Jerk really did simply hate those cans:


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