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Re: Thinking Outside the Box

From a longtime reader, who happens to be black:

Personally I think Colin Powell is a good VP choice for McCain no matter what the democrats do. But as to your question, I posed that exact question to my black friends weeks ago (nearly all liberal and in the bag for Obama) and most reacted negatively because they viewed it as republican opportunism which offended some of them- it might help with a small percentage, but to avoid the obvious oh we picked Powell because democrats screwed Obama line of reasoning-McCain would have to pick Powell or Michael Steele before Obama had the nomination taken from him. More importantly, those same black friends- are near unanimous in that if superdelegates give nomination to HRC despite Obama being ahead in pledged delegate count (and popular vote- which their less concerned about since that is not the rule) they are either (1) not voting or (2) voting for McCain out of anger. BTW- Clyburn is correct, those same friends are absolutely livid at Clintons and if the democratic party robs Obama (as it would be viewed) of the nomination, it could cause a significant percentage of blacks to permanently leave the democratic party (personally this is outcome I most want as it would help the black community to no longer be automatically in the bag for any one party). Personally I find it funny, all the amoral, power-hungry, do anything to win mind-set of Clintons that I’ve said for years followed suddenly has a lot more people agreeing with me. 


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