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Re: Transgendered Dolphins and Things

That episode reminded me why I don’t like the term “South Park Conservative.” It’s the same reason I get annoyed at Rod Dreher’s “Crunchy Con” thesis (as our friend Rod knows). Conservatives can eat organic and—shocking as it may be—can be pretty darn funny. Neither makes us anomalies. Conservatism is about ideas, but it’s not a lock-step army, with dress and behavior codes. (I think Warren gets this right here.) If, in the end, “South Park Conservatives” and “Crunchy Cons” make more people realize conservatives are people too—i.e. most of red America—cool, fine. But my worry has always been these unnecessary labels and things just further ghettoize and stereotype. This goes back to why I get annoyed every time I see another “conservative beat” story by David Kirkpatrick in the NYTimes. We’re not an alien species. Just cover politics, etc., and the Right will fit in in that beat.


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