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Re: Ukraine & Thanksgiving

A reader shares an e-mail he sent to a friend in Ukraine:

By the time you read this, it will be our

“Thanksgiving” holiday. This is a day when Americans

commemorate the efforts of the original English

settelers of this land, who came here in the name of

feedom, but at great personal risk and physical

danger. It is self-evident that they seldom lived in

comfort, but they tamed primitive lands, exhibited a

peaceable spirit, and governed themselves by equitable

principles rooted in democracy and religious faith.

We honor these kinsmen, praise their sacrifices, and

share their respect for God. Without their great

efforts and ongoing struggles, the cause of freedom

may never have realized its triumphant successes. I

give thanks for what these forebearers and God have

given to me and my family, and I pray that you and you

kinsmen will soon realize these same gifts. God bless

America and God bless Ukraine!

Slava Ukraini,


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