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Re: Uncle Milton

From a reader:

Jonah, My own memory of the Great Milton Friedman:   In 1980 Milton Friedman gave the commencement address at Brigham Young University.  Afterward, a friend and I, both Econ undergrads, hoped to ask Dr. Friedman to autograph our newly purchased copies of his and Rose’s book “Free to Choose.”    We caught up with Dr. Friedman outside the conference center accompanied by our university president and a member of our Econ department (Larry Wimmer), both graduates of the University of Chicago.  As we approached, Dr. Wimmer introduced my friend and I as “budding young economists.”  Dr. Friedman graciously agreed to autograph our books.   As he signed his name Dr. Friedman stopped and flashed that million dollar smile and said, ”I’m always happy to do this because it takes these [books] off the re-sale market.”     He got a great laugh and provided one of the highlights of my undergraduate days.  I show off my copy of FtC whenever I have the chance.   May he rest in peaceon

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