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Re ‘Unfathomable Courage in Syria’

Earlier today, I discussed Ali Farzat, the Syrian cartoonist. He is out of commission for a while: They beat him to a pulp, breaking both of his hands. One of the last cartoons he drew showed Bashar Assad trying to hitch a ride with a fleeing Qaddafi. (Not the message the dictatorship wishes to get about.) You can see that cartoon in this article.

This other article is entitled “Outpouring of cartoons in solidarity with Syria’s Ali Ferzat.” (Transliteration, as usual, varies.) A nice sampling is on offer.

It is my impression — and it is only an impression — that political cartooning means less in our country than it once did. That it is a less important part of our public and political life. In other parts of the world, a cartoonist takes his life into his hands. (One thinks of Denmark, as well.)

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