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Re: Unpopular Vote

Andy, the amazing thing about the popular vote, as Sean Trende pointed out earlier on Twitter, is that if Romney had won as many votes as McCain in 2008, he would have won. These are the figures I just saw in Mike Allen’s Playbook:

POPULAR VOTE, per AP: Obama 50% (58,779,121 votes) . . . Romney 48% (56,518,209)

In 2008, Obama got 53% (69,498,215 votes) and McCain got 46% (59,948,240)

UPDATE: Commenter oldnumber7 dissents:

Actually Rich, that comment is a little off base. A couple million more machine votes will be counted today and perhaps six million absentee votes and provisionals in the next several weeks. Obama will probably come in around 63 million and Romney around 60. So Romney will roughly match McCain’s ‘08 total while Obama will fall about 6 million short of his own…roughly speaking.


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