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Re: The V-Word

Kathryn, Jay, Yup. That was my point last night. One of the things that makes really successful politicians compelling is that they don’t get rattled. I think Ronald Reagan was the single most unflappable president in our lifetimes. He could shrug off attacks better  than anyone. When he was in his groove in the primaries Obama was appealing because he seemed untouchable and better than his opponents. Now  he’s in flop-sweat mode and eminently flappable. If I were McCain, I would make some joke at today’s rally about how “some may or may not have likened my running mate to a pig. I’d like to think my opponent didn’t intend anything of the sort. But if he did, all I can do is quote Charlotte’s Web and say  that is ‘Some pig!’” Or something like that. 

Then Palin could make a self-deprecating joke that let’s Obama off the hook and move on. Obama would look small. McCain and Palin would look gracious, self-deprecating and presidential. This controversy doesn’t have legs (though who knows if this one does) and it’s not worth exploiting  at the expense of her tough-lady brand.


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