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Re: Is Walter Pincus in Trouble?

I’d add one more thing to JPod’s point. Remember how the WPost – as well as the NYTimes, Chris Matthews, and all the usual MSM subjects – beat the drum during the “Karl Rove indictment watch” atmosphere that their coverage created? Rove, they gleefully reported, had initially failed to tell Plame leak investigators and/or the grand jury about his conversation with Time’s Matt Cooper. The omission was said to be indicative of a conscious effort to thwart the investigation – even though that spin was not very compelling on close examination (since Rove had very good reasons to have forgotten the conversation and it actually helped him, so one would think he’d have mentioned it if he had thought of it).

Because we have not had leaks from the investigation, we don’t know if Pincus was asked questions that would have called for revealing the Woodward conversation that he now says he doesn’t remember. We don’t know if he wasn’t asked, if he was asked but he innocently forgot to tell the investigation about Woodward, or if he was asked but he failed to report the Woodward conversation for some other reason.

But as those questions are addressed, it’s worth asking some others. Will the media subject Pincus to its Rove standards? Will they fill their reports with loaded assumptions that, of course, he has perjured himself and his indictment is sure to be announced any day now? Will they do much reporting on Pincus at all?

Yeah, right.

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