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Re: The War and Fma

Kathryn: I grew up in that same country Andrew Sullivan grew up in, and

went to the same kind of school he went to. During the daily Morning

Assembly, the first event of the school day, when we sang a hymn, said a

prayer, heard a reading from the Bible, then got the day’s announcements, my

school’s small contingent of Roman Catholics and Jews (around 5 percent of

the student body) sat out the hymn, prayer and Bible reading in the school’s

chemistry lab, adjacent to the main auditorium. At a signal, they were let

out to hear the school announcements.

The only people who complained about this arrangement were the majority, who

felt it a bit unfair that RCs and Jews got an extra half hour to finish up

the previous day’s homework assignments. The RCs and Jews all seemed

perfectly happy with the arrangement. But that, of course, was before the

Culture of Complaint started gnawing at men’s souls…..


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