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Re: War Bitch Stuff

From a reader in Germany:


I am an American in Germany with the US forces. Our cars have special number plates with a NATO logo and ‘USA’ on them. I live on the economy, rent a house from a German landlord. Every morning I wake up wondering if this is the day I’m going to walk out to my windows smashed and my paint keyed up.

It’s getting a little scary here. I’ve been turned away from restaurants for being an American, shopkeepers are surly, people in the street feel they have the right to scream at you. Last weekend there was a big protest outside the base, with ‘peace’ protesters carrying Bush is Hitler signs and flipping the bird at people driving on and off the base, and making guns with their hands and pretending to shoot. The Polizei just stood there and watched. So much for German politenesss.


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