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re: Webb of Classlessness

An e-mail:


I’m a former Marine (1997 – 2004), and most former and current Marines of my age hold James Webb in high personal regard (although I myself voted for Allen).  But Webb’s exchange with the President was wrong.  Exactly how Lance Corporal Webb is doing is NOT just between he and his father, it is between that Marine and his Squad Leader, Platoon Commander, Company Commander and every other person in his chain of command, up to and including the President.

President Bush’s asking about Jim Webb’s son and his follow up with “That’s not what I asked you,”  compared to Webb’s actions show a disparity between the two men.

For me, and probably a lot of other Marines, Webb has fallen from his pedestal.  Maybe he wants our generation to feel the pain of having our country pull the rug out from under us, too. 

Proud Former Marine

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