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Re: Whacks eloquent

Mark is gracious to a fault — he fails to mention that his keynote address at the conference was his usual tour de force and marked the most memorable moments of what was just a terrific day. 

Our good friend (and my co-host) Roger Kimball has a great post on his Pajamas blog, Roger’s Rules, about the conference — and I can’t say enough about how grateful we are to (and how greatly edified we are because of ) Mark, Stan, Jay, Cliff, Ezra and our other top-shelf participants, like Judge Bork, Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney, Claudia Rosett, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Brooke Goldstein, Rachel Ehrenfeld, John Walsh and Dan Kornstein.  (For those interested, FDD has posted my remarks as delivered at the conference, here.  We’re also working on making available speeches by Roger and Mark; the papers delivered by Stan, Robert and me; and some of the dialogue among our wonderful panelists – more details to follow on that.)

Relatedly, check out my pal TigerHawk, who has one terrific post about the Canadian assault on free-expression that has targeted Ezra and Mark and another post on chilling publication of American books.[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION BREAK:  the subject of the latter post is my new book, Willful Blindness — A Memoir of the Jihad, the official publication date of which is tomorrow, though it is already available in many places.]


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