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re: Whatever You Want to Say About the Romney Comments This Morning

A friend offers:


You’re right, Mitt teed it up for Rick this morning, but the speech is already written (although it might have to be dumbed down a bit so that CNN anchors can understand it):

The exercise of solidarity within each society is valid when its members recognize one another as persons. Those who are more influential, because they have a greater share of goods and common services, should feel responsible for the weaker and be ready to share with them all they possess. Those who are weaker, for their part, in the same spirit of solidarity, should not adopt a purely passive attitude or one that is destructive of the social fabric, but, while claiming their legitimate rights, should do what they can for the good of all. The intermediate groups, in their turn, should not selfishly insist on their particular interests, but respect the interests of others.

John Paul II, Sollicitudo rei socialis 37-38

Reminds me of a conversation Paul Ryan has been engaged in. 


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