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Re: What’s For Breakfast, Rich?

Ah, it’s good to be

remembered. My breakfast menu always includes steel-cut oatmeal (sometimes

known as Irish-style), which tastes way better than standard pressed oats,

and is more fibrous (and therefore more virtuous, right?). I dose the stuff

with protein powder and Sweet-and-Low. Oh, and wash it down with an entire

pot of strong coffee. Not that you asked, but still! Anyway, I find that

when I meet people who’ve read my crunchy stuff, they sometimes apologize

for not liking tofu, and eating red meat. I have to tell them that I hate

tofu, and eat red meat every chance I get. I just want my red meat to taste

good, and to come as close to how God made it as possible (i.e., without

artificially introduced hormones ‘n stuff). The crunchy part isn’t about

being a hippie, which Lord knows I’m not (though I’ve nothing against

vegetarian conservatives or ponytailed right-wingers). It’s more about

objecting to factory farming techniques, and how they go too far in

violating the natural order, destroy local agriculture and the communities

that grew out of farming, while producing beef that is less tasty and less

healthy. But that’s an argument for another day.


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