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Re: When to Announce

I think that liberals have a harder time opposing two nominees at once than conservatives do making the case for both. The line of attack will be the same, i.e. “X” is a opposed to civil rights, is hostile to women’s rights, is a conservative activist. It will sound like what it is: boilerplate balderdash about any candidate with convictions about the proper role of the Supreme Court.

Republicans who play along with the liberal demand for a woman or minority are aiding and abetting the frauds on the Left. They want Mario Cuomo, not Miguel Estrada or Phyllis Schlafly (who is a lawyer!). Liberal ideology is all that matters to them, why are some conservatives willing to pretend otherwise? (rhetorical).

When O’Connor announced her retirement, plenty said that a woman should replace her. Instead, the pick was inarguably one of the most qualified possible choices, not a nod to the demand for “diversity.” That’s the lesson of the Roberts nomination. If a white male is the best candidate – do it. The left doesn’t care about “diversity” on the Court – it cares only about preserving a liberal majority.


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