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Re: Where Do Gays Come From?

Some interesting email:

Typical 60 Minutes….they wait until page 5 to say that the two twins that they talk about at the beg. of the article are fraternal twins and not identical. I have no dog in this fight, but, is it that hard to believe that one twin is gay and the other straight when they’re fraternal twins? Fraternal twins are the equivalent of siblings. It’s a much different story when the headline is, “Newsflash: One brother gay, the other brother straight. Scientists baffled!”

The entire premise of the article that being gay is more complex than genetics alone is kind of thrown off by this ommission. The only reason to lead with a 9 year old boy in purple nail polish is to keep your interest. But, as far as helping the story, it’s worthless. Fake, but true I guess. Also, remember when Bush was asked this very question in the debates? He said, to paraphrase, “I don’t know”. Funny how Bush was criticized for that, but now, 60 Minutes is saying the same thing.


Where they come from is irrelevant. Consider the question: Where Do Adulterers Come From?”

By nature, I am an adulterer. Simply put, one woman is not enough and serial monogamy is no solution. My guess is that most men are in the same boat. History supports my hypothesis. Througout history, most cultures have supported polygamy (one man, many women). An incredible number of people continue to support polygamy, including the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims.

However, I have been married for twenty years and have successfully overcome the temptation of adultery. And the temptation has been very real, including outright invitations from very attractive people. So what?

I give myself credit for withstanding the temptation. Yes, I give myself credit for overcoming my natural impulses. Am I wrong? Am I actually a psychological monster who takes great pleasure in torturing myself? I do not believe so. In fact, I believe that my adjustment to a monogamous society has been less difficult than my adjustment to the everyday society of work with all of its Puritannical poses.

So, the question “Where Do Homosexuals Come From?” is irrelevant to the question “Should I behave in accordance with my homosexual impulses?”

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