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Re: The Wilders Movie

Douglas Murray (no relation) has some important things to say at CentreRight:

Speaking to various media about this today, it’s interesting that the first sense of shock is that the footage which Wilders includes is so bloody.  Of course Wilders didn’t create this footage – the jihadis did.  But it raises an interesting question about the mainstream media.  In the last seven years the MSM has gone out of its way to spare the public from seeing the most barbarous acts of our enemies.  As we discovered when the BBC infamously pixellated the cartoons two years ago, even Danish drawings have been deemed too upsetting to broadcast of late.  The footage in Wilders’ film of the victims of jihad is therefore especially sobering.  It isn’t pleasant viewing, but then jihad isn’t pleasant viewing, and if this is what it takes to alert people to the savagery of the threat we all face, Muslims included, then there it is.