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re: Winner

I disagree with some who say McCain needed to score a knockout to win. I think he won decisively enough. I mean if McCain is handicapped to win then we’re saying the public considers him more presidential at least on foreign policy. That’s the MSM template, not necessarily the people’s. There is no incumbent. I think McCain clearly won and didn’t have to win any more than he did to be perceived a winner. In fact, I think we can just as easily turn this expectations/handicap game around and say that Obama, as the Messiah, is expected to win any contest against anyone anywhere anyhow, hands down, far and away and with no contest. He is the Harvard whiz kid who has a glow of omniscience. McCain is the crusty old guy who graduated at the bottom of his Naval Academy class. Unless Obama makes him look like a small town Neanderthal, McCain wins. 

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