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Re: As the World Turns

Lisa & Mark, No doubt that Wright is killing (has killed?) Obama.  But I think in some ways he’s lucky that this is playing mostly as a racial thing.  It means there is a sliver of hope that his candidacy can ride this out if he can convince enough people that he’s not really stuck in the Wright/Farrakhan muck.  Because we’re so charged over race in this country, the racial aspect of Wright is overwhelming the more significant point.  There is a common thread that runs through Wright/Ayers/Dohrn/Michelle/Khalidi, and it’s not race although it’s clothed in racial exploitation rhetoric.  Obama’s problem is that these connections are all iterations of an activist, leftwing, America sucks, burn-down-the-house worldview, simmering under the smiley-face of “social justice.”  That’s why the New York Times is so over-protective.


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