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RE: Wright Exgetically Wrong

Regarding my previous post about Wright’s problems with taking the Bible out of context to suit his political views, I received the following email questioning the relevancy of Wright’s theology to Obama’s candidacy:

Um…so now it is a vital political issue what a candidate’s pastor says on theological issues? You would rather here a candidate’s pastor in an election held in a diverse culture with separation of church and state say everyone who doesn’t believe exactly as I do is going to burn in Hell for all eternity? Can you people get any more ridiculous?

Well, what I think about this is neither here nor there because Jeremiah Wright thinks theology is a “vital political issue.” Also in his remarks earlier today, here’s what Wright had to say about this question:

Dr. Jones, in his book, God in the Ghetto, argues quite accurately that one’s theology, how I see God, determines one’s anthropology, how I see humans, and one’s anthropology then determines one’s sociology, how I order my society.

What is politics if not how we go about deciding how to order society? By Wright’s own standard then, understanding Obama’s theology is a very important thing. 

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