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Re: From Yao to Mao

The voice of hoi polloi: “Derb–Do you live under a rock? You mention Yao

to a bunch of Americans and expect them to think of an Emperor from the

mythical period? Every American knows Yao is Yao Ming, the all-star center

for the Houston Rockets. He’s on TV every night in the NBA Playoffs,

Gatorade commercials, and Visa commercials. If I see a course entitled

’From Yao to Mao’ I’m thinking it covers the period from that little midget

bastard ChiCom to the ‘Great Wall of China’ Yao Ming. Of course, I’m an

idiot, so my interpretation means nothing.”

Thanks; but what, pray, is “NBA”?

(We are all idiots, sir; just about different things.)


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