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Re: Yassin


What on earth’s got into you? You channeling Neville Chamberlain, or what?

Sharon’s at war. You win a war by killing as many of the enemy as you can


Your logic (forgive me if I am misrepresenting it) seems to be: “The

killing of Yassin will get the Arabs real mad. More of them will join

terrorist groups. They will be more highly motivated to kill Israelis.

They will be more dangerous to the rest of us.”

So what? Can you name any action by any party in any war, of which the same

could not be said? I bet after we sank the Japanese fleet at Midway, the

Japanese got real mad. I bet recruitment went up; I bet they were better


After the RAF bombed Berlin for the first time in August 1940, Wm. Shirer

reports that: “The Nazi bigwigs were outraged. Goebbels … now gave

instructions [to the press] to cry out at the ‘brutality’ of the British

flyers in attacking the defenseless women and children of Berlin. Most of

the capital’s dailies carried the same headline: COWARDLY BRITISH ATTACK…”

These Germans sound pretty mad.

I guess by your logic the British attacks were a “defeat” for Britain.



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