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What would I suggest?  When it comes to economic measures, Patrick Clawson provides some useful suggestions, here.

Roya Hakakian and others have written about the Gdansk model.  Discussion of military strikes is largely a strawman argument.  Too many people in Washington confuse analysis with advocacy.  It would be irresponsible to engage in military strikes capable only of delaying the program at great cost if there is not a policy to take advantage of the delay.  And I certainly would never support utilizing a terrorist group like the MKO nor playing the ethnic card.  But, if we’re just conducting talks for the sake of talking without any care about the sincerity of our adversaries, it’s a poor strategy.  Nor do I believe it in U.S. interests to acquiesce to the Revolutionary Guard and Office of the Supreme Leader with nuclear arms.  Their ideology matters; it would be unwise to project our own values upon those circles in Iran which would control such capability.  With regard to much more precise options, such things are better discussed in private, and I would be glad to do so.

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