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Re: Young Kirk & Spock

[Back off K-Lo].

Hmmm interesting. Let’s put aside the problem that humans and vulcans age at different rates and so it’s unlikely they actually went to the academy together (please, don’t throw Star Trek books at me to refute this point). And it will be fun to watch Kirk rig the Kobiashi Maru test and put Neidermeyer’s horse in the Dean’s office. Oh wait, I’m confused.

Anyway, the real question is, Will this conceit work? Prequels of this sort don’t have a good track record. Young Indiana Jones died quickly. Enterprise was very short-lived. I liked Young Sherlock Holmes, but that puts me in a dubious minority. The Ben Affleck Jack Ryan stunk on ice. And, of course, the Star Wars prequels had serious, serious problems though I’m not sure you can blame a prequel curse for that. I’m not saying it’s doomed. The the last Batman movie was pretty good. But, there’s big potential for lameness. Of course, most Star Trek movies are pretty lame.

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