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Re: Your Jeb Bush Post


Hi Rich,

                Thanks again for everyone’s hard work on the summit. It was a delightful weekend, and I enjoyed every minute.

                I need to express my disagreement with your take on Governor Bush’s response to my question on immigration. While it’s certainly true that he was willing to discuss the issue, I think that it’s a significant exaggeration to say that he was “utterly comfortable” doing so, particularly given his skirting of the actual question that I asked, and his substitution of assertions about whether or not immigrants were stealing jobs from Americans who’d come to Florida from Pennsylvania (what was THAT about, anyway?), and insinuations that I and those like me who favor better enforcement of the border and immigration laws are nothing but a bunch of bigots. From someone who bemoaned how shallow the debate on immigration usually is, such comments reflected anything but comfort, in my opinion.

                That said, I agree with you that Governor Bush was a great speaker, and overall his message was one I think most conservatives would support and need to hear more often from our leaders. The fact that he put it into action in Florida, and left office with great popularity, should be an example to the rest of the country that limited government not only can work, it can also be popular.

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