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Reaction to RNC Debate

Priscilla Rakestraw, the Republican national committeewoman from Delaware and a supporter of Maria Cino, says in a statement that the recently concluded debate proves Cino’s suitability as chair of the RNC. ““After today’s debate, I believe more strongly than ever that Maria Cino is the leader the Republican National Committee needs at this critical juncture,” Rakestraw says. “While others continue to offer platitudes, Maria is offering real, proven ideas to get the RNC back on the right track”

In my opinion, Cino’s frankest comment in the debate was calling the McCain-Feingold Act “a mistake.”

UPDATE: Ed Cox, chairman of the New York Republican party and another supporter of Cino’s, also weighs in: “Not only does Maria share the conservative ideals important to the committee and Republicans nationwide, but Maria is also the most experienced leader in the field.”


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