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I am here to ask you to open your wallet for National Review Online.

I know. This is the worst time to ask for money. Money is tight all around, and most of us have strict priorities for the little that we have. There are mortgages and rent payments. Groceries. Tuitions. Vacations. And thanks to the president, date night now costs ten times what it used to.

But you are here right now on National Review Online for good reason. You love the commentary, the news, the writers, the characters, the insight, the edification, and the entertainment. But you also love your country and have concerns about its future. And you know that NRO is certain to play a vital role in the conservative renewal that can — and must — take place.

Simply put, you visit National Review Online because you know it is well worth your time to be here. So why not help ensure that we are here, in the best capacity possible, for a long time to come?

National Review Online may be free to our readers, but it is very expensive to produce. (And no, we have not been immune to the toxic effects of this prolonged economic recession.) To help defray our substantial operating costs, we ask that you be as generous as possible during our summer 2009 fund drive. And giving couldn’t be easier. You can support NRO with a direct, secure credit-card payment; through PayPal; or via snail mail. (All these options are available on our donation page.) You also can support our larger operation by subscribing to National Review magazine (either the paper or digital version) – the biweekly journal of conservative opinion that started it all. 

Help us to continue to stand athwart history, 24/7, by donating today.

Thank you!


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