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Read What Fidel’S Ranting About

You’ve heard about El Jefe publicly reading NR–specifically, Otto Reich’s brilliant April 11, 2005 cover essay trashing Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez–to a crowd of Cubano Commies at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater a few weeks back. Why don’t you read the Reich article for yourself, which by happy chance is in the sample issue of National Review Digital–the affordable (only $21.95 for a full year!), convenient (comes in PDF, Image, and Text formats!), and speedy (available the day after NR “goes to press”) sibling of your favorite conservative magazine–that we’ve made available to one and all.

It’s simple: Go to the NR Digital subscription form page, here, and scroll down a bit, where you see in bold red “SEE A FREE SAMPLE OF NRD.” Click on it and you’ll be taken to the page where you can read the entire April 11 issue, including the Reich masterpiece. When your finished reveling in NRD–and you will revel–click back and subscribe, thereby ensuring yourself the next 24 issues of America’s premier journal of conservative news and opinion (and wit!).

Do it because you want to. Do it because you need to. And do it to tick off Fidel.


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