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From a Reader in Iraq

So I’m here in Iraq trying to watch all of Petraeus testimony as I perform my daily work.


The only way to watch it is on Armed Forces Network news channel, which is a pool of the various cable news channels and broadcast programs.  CNN was on it at 9:30, and if it weren’t for noticing the peacock at the bottom of the screeen, I wouldn’t have noticed that MSNBC’s coverage was on.  However, I was rudely informed that it was now Fox News’ turn in the rotation when they broke away, informing me that I could continue to watch their coverage on the web.  The frustration of that was increased by the fact that it happened in the course of Senator Lieberman’s questioning and commenting which seemed to be the best offered by any of the Senators up to that point… 


Frustrated at Fox News…

He also brings up something about Kennedy’s line of questioning — his “seeming insistence that we are there only to fight Al-Qadea would rule out us being able to defend the International Zone from the Iranian backed Special Groups.”

I noticed this from Kennedy as well. It’s one thing to wish we’d never gone to Iraq, or even to wish we’d leave right away. But the idea that we’d be there and only fight against one destabilizing force while allowing others to create chaos — well, that’s just ridiculous.

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