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A Reader Puts Jonah and Me On The Spot

Jonah, this just in from a reader, who, commenting on the off-the-record encounters that you and I had with Paul O’Neill, makes a point about the man that I have, ahem, a little trouble answering. You?

Considering it was obvious to all shortly after [Paul O’Neill] was appointed that he was

a disastrous choice, and that this was more fully obvious to those who

actually met the man, can you think of any reason why this episode does not

cast serious doubts upon the President’s ability to choose a leadership team

in the domestic sphere? Granted, his foreign policy team is excellent, but

the domestic sphere is a different beast altogether. I think we

conservatives are letting the President off a little too lightly on this

one; would our reaction to this have been the same had Clinton picked such

an obvious dolt to run one of the big executive departments? I don’t care

for Rubin much, but, damn, at least he was a serious Treas. leader.


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