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This by no means speaks for everyone, but it speaks for a lot of folks. From a reader:

I was watching some segment this morning with two pundits debating the specifics of the bill, and while I am deeply opposed to the bill I couldn’t care less about that debate.  You linked to someone yesterday who argued it wasn’t all that bad a bill.  I don’t know how many people I speak for, but the reason I can so deeply oppose something I don’t even follow that closely is because the bill fails to do something that would be oh so easy and makes a liar out of every supporter in the process—secure the border with Mexico (I’d throw in Canada as well).  Every time an immigration bill comes down the pike it’s presented as the last time this is going to happen and, yes, we are going to secure that border now.  But of course the border problem only gets worse because John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and the President have no interest in securing the border whatsoever.  So who cares about the White House fact sheet if the intent is to do everything possible to continue flooding the country with illegal Mexican immigrants?  

We have the money, the technology and the will to secure the border.  It’s not even a very hard job.  When someone like me is even willing to say OK to amnesty as long as we build a real wall first, and when that idea never goes anywhere,  I can only conclude that the reason is because everyone that supports this bill wants the flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico to keep on coming forever.  At that point what do I care whether “Z applicants” pay a fine or not?  Supporters want to sustain a flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico.  Those who oppose don’t.

It’s like that Green Peace ad you posted some weeks ago.  There’s no reason to get into the specifics of what the kid is actually saying.

Me: BTW, this is the Greenpeace Kid post he’s referring to.