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One e-mail:

His death reminds us that accident and chance play a greater role in politics than we would like to believe, that decency does not always prevail in elections but is long remembered, and that we confuse verbal accuity with political intelligence at our peril.  How many Americans would like to have their vote in 1976 back again, especially with the recent display of vile by Mr. Ford’s opponent.  Oh, and what a fine First Lady.  God bless him and the Ford family.

And another:

I guess there is just a corny and sentimental side of me that hopes somewhere up there, President Reagan and President Ford can sit around and reminisce about the great 1976 primary.  The only campaign that the Gipper really ever lost.  I can imagine Reagan getting a good laugh out of Ford and vice-versa. Two great men, very different on many issues, but both good and great men. 


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