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Reading The Bible

The English monthly “Literary Review” is so resolutely conservative it

doesn’t even have a website. It’s still one of the best reads around,

though, and of my 20-odd magazine and journal subscriptions, LR is one of

the ones I grab from the mailbox and read right away.

The current issue (May ‘05) has an editorial essay/review by Damien Thompson

on aids to reading the Bible. You could hardly find a better illustration

of the diffident, skeptical Anglican mind-set that has been commented on

occasionally here on The Corner.

Since there’s no website, I have just scanned the piece into my own site.

You need to use IE Explorer magnification thingy to read it, or the

equivalent in your browser.

(I apologize to LR for the gross violation of copyright. As a founder

subscriber, though, and occasional contributor, I throw myself on the mercy

of the court.)


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