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Ready, Aim…

The Senate is currently debating a bill to prohibit junk lawsuits against firearms companies. A variety of amendments are being proposed. Here are some resources for background on the issues:

Summary of problems with the lawsuits.

Why protecting Second Amendment rights from abusive lawsuits is similar to protecting First Amendment rights from abusive lawsuits, as the Supreme Court did in New York Times v. Sullivan.

Extending the 1994 ban on so-called “assault weapons,” which is due to sunset in September 2004.

Redefining “cop-killer” bullets so as to allow prohibition of ordinary rifle ammunition (coming soon on NRO).

Authorizing federal regulation of gun shows, in a manner imposing gun registration on all sales at gun shows, and allowing gun shows to be eliminated administratively.

Requiring gun dealers to sell gun locks with guns. Unnecessary, since federal law already requires that gun dealers make locks available to customers.


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