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Ramesh, Mr. Lips is right that protests to CBS should not assume that every nasty leaked script tidbit will make the final movie, and that demonstrating a groundswell of passionate Reagan boosters is the point. But thousands are massing NOT because they assume CBS will knuckle under, but because they KNOW CBS would never even contemplate making a TV-movie where Hillary tosses a lamp at Bill while he’s on the phone with Sonny Montgomery discussing Bosnian troop allotments while Monica is under the desk. They won’t be making a movie where Jimmy Carter eats peanut butter in the Oval Office while ordering the Desert One fiasco. They won’t make a film about Ted Kennedy contemplating his Chappaquiddick options in his hotel room as his car sinks under the bridge. They won’t be making a movie where Lyndon Johnson asks Doris Kearns Goodwin to move over in bed for her President. (Eeuuuwww.) The very concept of a TV-movie hit piece would never occur to them.

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