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Reagan Revolution

From a reader:


Do I have to remind you that Communist China:

1) Bans all unauthorized religions?

2) Sells arms to terrorist states (Iran, NK, Syria, Libya, etc.)?

3) Has 500 missiles pointed at the island democracy of Taiwan?

4) Has eroded Hong Kong freedoms to the point where some are calling it “one country, one and a half systems”?

I know you’re not the kind of conservative that goes ga-ga over a tax code, ignoring everything else in the process. That’s why I found your corner entry so disappointing.

ME: Oh, I agree with all of that and I apologize for suggesting otherwise. But I do think the Gipper would be pretty psyched about all of this given his view that economic liberty and political liberty are intertwined. Plus, on the narrow issue of economics, it is pretty ironic/fun when the biggest Commie nation in the world throws in the towel and adopts Reaganomics to facilitate growth.


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