The Corner

“The real purpose of this bill is payback to the bishops and pastors of the Roman Catholic Church in Connecticut for opposing gay marriage”

So blogs respected GOP state senator Michael McLachlan, in a dead-on attempt to translate the just-out statement from the bill’s ultra-lefty sponsors Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Mike Lawlor. A highlight:

In reality, this bill was proposed and written by a group of faithful Catholic parishioners from Fairfield County who asked the Judiciary Committee to consider giving the subject a public hearing. Especially considering the fact that one of the large-scale embezzlements which gave rise to this proposal originated from a parish corporation in Darien, a town that Senator McDonald represents, we decided to give these parishioners a chance to present to the Judiciary Committee a case for their proposed revisions to existing corporate law.

A lot of misinformation has been spread about this proposal, and we ourselves are still learning exactly what its impact would be. We are keeping an open mind to what these parishioners have to say about their church, and we respectfully ask that others give them the courtesy of listening to their proposed changes in the existing state law governing Roman Catholic corporations.

The only thing remotely religion-minded about this bill is that it’s full of the same thing that was on the floor in the stable at Bethlehem.