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The Real Scandal in America Today…

…is the season finale of the ABC series “Lost.” The show is about survivors of a plane crash on a strange island. The tropical island features an invisible monster, a polar bear, a space hatch buried in the ground, a pirate ship in the middle of a jungle, a wheelchair-bound man who could suddenly walk, and a few other amazing supernatural things. For 22 hours over the course of the season, viewers have been waiting for answers for at least some of these mysteries. The two-hour final episode answered absolutely nothing. Not one thing. Basically, it appears that the series’ creators simply threw all sorts of things out there to tantalize people and then had absolutely no idea where to go with it or what to do. This is a very, very bad idea. The audience for “Lost” will abandon the show over the summer and it will creak out a few more months until it is deservedly cancelled. Audiences will go for a sucker punch once, but no longer. Bye bye “Lost.” It’s been lousy to know ya.


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