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The Real Victims of Voter Fraud

Liberals insist that a) there is no voter fraud in America, and b) anti-fraud measures are really intended to suppress the votes of the poor, the elderly, and the more vulnerable members of our society. Well, tell that to the voters of Troy, N.Y.

A Democratic county elections commissioner and former city councilman are on trial for absentee-ballot fraud. Four other Democrats have already pleaded guilty in the case. The ongoing ballot-fraud trial shows that the real victims of voter fraud are all too often the poor, the elderly and the more vulnerable members of our society.

The trial is now in its third week. So far, prosecutors have presented 46 witnesses who have testified that their ballots were stolen. Who are these victims? According to the Times Union, they “have included public housing residents, college students, the semi-literate, a deaf man, the chronically ill and non-English speakers.”

Sounds a lot like vulnerable members of society, no?

All of them had ballots cast in their names in the 2009 Working Families party primary.

But pay no attention to this story. According to the New York Times, there is no such thing as voter fraud in the United States. After all, Troy is at least 150 miles outside of Midtown.

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