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Real-World Morning-After Pill Consequences

A vigilant mother protected her eleven-year-old daughter from a 23-year-old alleged sex predator, who she discovered, was trying to lure her girl into dangerous waters. From the St. Petersburg Times story:

So the mother pretended to be her daughter. She played dumb in text messages, saying she was turning 12. When she was pressed to send provocative photographs of herself, she went to the Sunday newspaper, cut out a Target advertisement featuring a young girl in a bra, lopped off the head and sent along the rest of the picture. The charade worked. Bradley was arrested Friday night on eight counts of displaying obscene images to a minor and eight counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device. He is being held at the Pinellas County Jail, with bail set at $120,000.

Now, think about this story in the context of the Obama administration’s decision to allow “women of all ages” — in the parlance of the radical reproductive-rights crowd — to obtain the morning-after pill without supervision. It will be yet another way in which parents could be kept in the dark about what is happening to their own children, perhaps even when they are victims of sexual predation. Truly sickening. 


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