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. . . on the Democrat-media bubble. Adam Nagourney in the New York Times:

As Mr. Obama prepares to come here on Sunday to campaign for the party’s beleaguered Senate candidate, Martha Coakley, Democrats across the country are starting to wonder aloud if they misjudged the electorate over the last year, with profound ramifications for the midterm elections this year and, potentially, for Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Pity the poor Democrats. It’s so easy to “misjudge” when you read the New York Times and the Boston Globe.

[UPDATE: A reader dissents:

You do realize that Democrats have won every single federal-level election since Obama’s election, right? Five. Even the ones (NY-23 anyone?) you guys had already won in your mind.

Okay, but be sure to pass that on to Adam Nagourney. The wee lad’s sounding unaccountably rattled . . .]

[UPPERDATE: A gazillion e-mails correcting the above reader, many citing Saxby Chambliss. And that was before Obama had demonstrated his magic governing touch. And a long way from “Ted Kennedy’s seat.”]

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