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This Is Really Sad

“When I walk into the Oval Office in 2009, I’m afraid I’m going to lift up the rug and I’m going to see so much stuff under there. You know, what is it about us always having to clean up after people?”

So spoke Senator Clinton in a pseudo-southern drawl to a largely black audience assembled under the aegis of Al Sharpton.

There was a lot of irony here, well aside from the idea that a self-ascribed liberal was courting an anti-Semite with a long record of agitation that led to mayhem and death.

Will anyone ever become offended that Senator Clinton serially now drops her Wellesley nasal tones to affect a condescending drawl in the presence of African-Americans, as if blacks all speak in a southern slang?

And does “us always having to clean up after people” suggest — Howard Dean-like — that she assumes an assembly of black leaders is paramount to domestic workers?

And speaking of lifting rugs and finding “stuff under there”: Does she realize that image of surprises lurking in the White House private quarters immediately evokes Hillary’s mysterious billing records of the Rose Law firm — under court subpoena but strangely missing for two years — that abruptly “turned up” in the “book room” in the personal residence of the White House? And as I recall Ms. Clinton was the first First Lady to testify in front of a grand jury.

There is something very sad and amateurish in all this falsity-given her image as the smart, tough in-the-know politico. Real bathos.


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